We started this company out of necessity to serve the people of Philadelphia with the highest standard of care. Throughout his career as a physical therapist, our founder Joseph Daigneau, saw first-hand how overbooked the therapists were and how the patients suffered because of this. They weren't able to get the attention that they needed. At times, the athletes or runners were told false information such as "their glutes weren't firing", "their pelvis was unstable", and worst of all " YOU CANNOT RUN ANYMORE."


     Seeing this lack of evidence-based care and poor attention to the individual, prompted Joseph to go against the grain to build something for the people that he felt needed his service the most. Joseph was fed up with the lack of individualized care. He was also tired of the inability to perform one to one care and frustrated with patients being tied down to a plan of care that required three visits a week for two months, regardless of their diagnosis.


     This is the origin of the name for our company and why we are so proud to be serving Philadelphia. To persevere means to endure despite all obstacles, setbacks, and pain to reach a goal that feels impossible. This is what we represent as a company and what we help our patients achieve. We have been able to help bodybuilders return to their lifting routine of deadlifting 425 lbs. and shoulder pressing without pain. We have helped college athletes with back pain return to squatting again. We have guided runners along the path of recovery, whether it was ankle sprain or knee pain. Our passion is to serve you and help you find a way to PERSEVERE. If you are having knee pain, if you are tired of being in pain, if somebody told you that you can't hike/cycle/run anymore, you need to come see us today.


  1. To listen to your story. One study from newsweek.com found that on average, patients are interrupted after only 11 seconds of sharing their story. You have a story here and we want to listen.

  2. To provide you with an hour of one to one care. No aides and no techs. Just you and your physical therapist where you can ask as many questions as you want and go through as many exercises as needed.

  3. To provide you with a timeline to recovery. We carefully evaluate all of your movement patterns and strength measurements to figure out where you are at and what you need to do moving forward.

  4. To be upfront about pricing. We have no surprises here. What you pay upfront is all you have to pay. No secret charges or fees. Every patient also receives a receipt which breaks down all of the charges for every treatment session.

  5. To be your advocate. We will support you in any capacity we can. Whether that means sending you a video to help explain an exercise in greater detail or a phone call to your physician to explain how much you are progressing. We are on your side.


" If you can't fly, then run. If you can't run, then walk. If you can't walk, then crawl, but by all means, keep moving." - Martin Luther King Jr.

     Just as Dr. King said, we all have the capacity to push beyond our perceived limits to keep moving forward. If you aspire to do your first race or want to get back into physical activity, you have came to the right place. If you are tired of people putting limits on you and telling you what you can and cannot achieve, this is the place for you. We want to help you reach your biggest movement related dreams! If pain is holding you back from that, you need to do something different to find an answer.


     Whether you identify as an athlete, runner, weightlifter, or someone just looking to get fit, it doesn't matter. The common theme is that you have a movement related issue and you haven't been able to solve it. In our clinic we specialize in finding the root cause of your pain and addressing it from day one! We don't want to just get you back to your exercises, we want you to be the strongest version of yourself. This is reflected in our values of:

  • Determination: the willingness to put in the work for a goal that you set. We value those who show up and ask questions but also those who go home and ensure their exercises are completed every day.

  • Trust: understanding that real change takes time, there are no magical fixes. We understand that you have massive goals, but it is through the day by day commitment to a process that you will see results. Trust the process!

  • Grit: defined as having unyielding courage in the face of hardship. We value those that persevere to see their dreams through till they are achieved, regardless of how difficult the journey.

  • Integrity: being honest in your efforts, regardless of outcome. We value those who take pride in their name and hold themselves to a higher standard.